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The political interpretation of Europe's eponym has found its strongest expression with the caricatures of the Europa myth in the general press representing problems around the EU, whereby goddess Europa stands for unity and the bull for conservative status quo.
A neat example appeared in rhe weekend issue of the Dutch NRC of 4/5 november 2017. An extensive article discussed  the political drive in Catalonia to independence and was accompanied by two cartoons, signed Hajo, (de Reyger)The first one suggested that Europe would distance herself from this movement

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The first prent shows Europa running away from a further parcellation of her continent. The accompanying headline reads: "The Catalans play a dangerous game". The second picture suggests that Catelonia would throw off Europa, by setting herself outside the European Union. In spite of Catelonian contentions they want to remain in Europe. It is difficult to apprehend that they want to continue to cohabit with wider Europe but not with their own Iberians



January 7, 2018, Rotterdam, an attentive reader