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During the Renaissance era a whole new artisan sector grew up in Western Europe, gold-leather wallcovering.
Through Spain this North African craft spread all over Europe. Still , walls covered with such panels can be found in musea and castels and patrician houses. It appears that on a small scale the craft is surviving, mainly for restauration purposes. The golden relief flower designs were sometimes completed with mythical, animal and human designs.




The above panel, 45 - 60 cm, was made in the original traditions of this craft by the only existing Dutch restorator of gold-leather objects, Frans Van Soest, Goudleeratelier Van Soest, Wateringen, NL
He brought in the panel above, the design of the Europa myth in relief and the Motto of the EU or its Rallying Cry:

                        IN VARIETATE CONCORDIA                          UNITED IN DIVERSITY



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