From 1200 onwards U Grazia snc has been making majolica in Deruta(PG), close to Urbino in Italy. In the 16th century Nicola da Urbino created some beautiful plates with Greek myths. The U Grazia Maioliche Artisiteke Artigionale has taken up again these beautiful designs and colour palette.


The artist is Ricardo Muti. The design is after Bernard Salomon in the Ovidius edition of Lyon of 1557. Very much in the tradition of Nicola da Urbino in the 16th century. Diameter 30,5 cm.

Deruta, July 3                       Showroom U Grazia


 Mantova, in the Italian Povalley, is famous for its Renaissance palaces. One of the smaller ones, but with a beautiful interior, is Palazzo Guidi de Bagne. the nameholder is a Florentine noble family.

16_02                                                                                                              16_03


On a panel above a door of the masterbedroom, Francesco Maria Raineri, called Lo Schivenoglia, painted Europe on the running bull. In the 'Apollo' hall, the ceiling has Europe thrown backwards lying on the bull. A number of painters worked and painted the Hall, among which Lo Schivenoglia.

Mantova, aug.2008                             A traveller


The Chechian sculptor and painter Ladislav Dryák congratulates the European Union with its 50 years golden wedding. Europe carries the laurel-wreath to crown the Union. In the mean time Zeus is  reversing his metamorphoses; one leg and arm are already appearing. A flying dove with olivebranch brings peace.

                                    16_04                                                                                      16_05



In 2002 a huge sculpture of Europe's Symbol was unveiled in Frýdek-Mistek, a double town in the northeast of Czechia. The sculpture measures six by four meters. Again Europe is holding a dove on her hand.

September 1, 2008                                     An European inland tourist


The Baroque period remains an important source for the Europe Symbol. The Italian sculptor and medallist Antonio Montauti, 1685-ca.1740, worked mostly in Florence and for Cosimo III of the Medici's.The Los Angeles County Museum of Art owns a beautiful high reliëf of Europe's triumphantal seajourney. Europe sitting on the swimming bull is accompanied by Zeus'brother, Poseidon on his horse and  several cupids.


16_06                                                                                                                                   16_07


On the enlargement  Poseidon with his trident on the left; Europe with her veil bellied out over her head in the wind. The base is from ebony wood raised with high reliëfs of bronze.

October 2, 08               European visitor of sunny California


Europa vignettes were used frequently in cartography of the 16/17 century. Followin up the mentionned vignettes under 'Comments 1sthalf08' folllow below.

Atlas Ottens R&J, en Schenk assembled for Corn. Gerretz.Visser in 1694. It includes a map of Europe signed Petrus Schenk, after A.F.Zürner. (54,5-34,5 cm)


The Europa symbol has been beautified with left above Hermes and on the right three cupido's of which one is riding a goat. In the middle a helmed head with a lion head besides him. Is this Hercule with the lion?

A map of Fredericus de Wit, 2nd half 17th century is identical with Danckerts map (see Comments 1sthalf08) It appears that Danckerts took over the plates from de Wit. Indeed the vignette and the geographical projections look identical. Only in the title frame  the name of Fredericus de Wit has been changed into Danckerts   



16_09                                                                                                                   16_10 


Mappe monde & Continents Nova et accuratatotius Europae descriptio, Amstelrodami. Etch on cupper, 48-57,5 cm

The third map is out the Orbis Maritimus ofte Zee Atlas again from Fredericus de Wit, 1675. The map is entitled Occidentallior tractus Maris Mediterranei, 47-56 cm.





16_11                                                                                                                                                  16_12

Europe sitting on  the lying bull carries a helmet or crown and points with an marchal's baton. At her feet men in national costumes of the Mediterranean countries of Europe.

Brussels, 1 Nov. 08                                            A cartographile.    


In 1974 a luxury edition of Ovidius Metamorphoses in French & Latin was issued of only 280 copies by l'Atelier Belléni ŕ Paris. The edition included 24 lithographs,55 - 38 cm, by the Italian sculptor and painter Marcelle Tommasi, 1928-2008. Of course the Europe Myth featured among the i!llustrations


Apparently, Tommasi follows here the interpretation that Zeus sent a bull to fetch Europe and did not himself change into a bull. Zeus watches Europe and the bull with in his hand three thunderbolts. Tommasi was born in Pietrasanta and worked mostly in Firenze. His work is represented in a number of European musea.

December, 1, 08                            an art collector