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Computer designed drawings, a new art form. The artist draws his design on a Wacom-tablet. The lines and surfaces are translated by the computer in any thousands of pixels(points) imitating a continuing, smooth line, depending on the chosen resolution (indicating the number of pixels per lengthunit, mm, or cm, ...). Obviously the Europe symbol remains a favoured subject.


The American artist, Irving Amen, 1918-  , known as a painter,sculptor (woodcuts), stained glass windows, did not hesitate to use this new medium. His Europa and Zeus show the new technics in the less than smooth lining.

Florida, 02-01-07                                      Computer Art Maureen Greenbaum


The German painter Ferdinand Leeke, 1859-1925, became famous for illustrating Wagner's opera's. Presently, posters of his paintings are sstill being sold, like his painting of Sir Percival. He was a remarkable painter of genre and historical subjects,showing often an ethereal world.


This painting, 74-136 cm, was spotted at the Antwerp Antique Fair of september 2006. (excuses for the light reflex to the right). Somewhat puzzling was not his signature, but the year -1939- that followed his name, given the date of his decease.

Antwerp, 03-02-2007                                        A Fair visitor



Johfra painted in a magic realistic style. His civilian name is Frans Johannes Gijsbertus van der Berg, born in Rotterdam in1919 and died in  Dordogne, France in 1998. He studied at the Royal Arts Academy at the The Hague. His posters with magic subjects found a worldwide market in the eighties. Among them images of the zodiac constellations.


                                                The Zodiac constellation Taurus

Europe and Zeus represent here 'peace', god Mars is lying sleeping on the ground. Europe holds a candle with the light of peace. His zodiac representations can be found on the ceiling of restaurant 'Rendez-Vous' Raadhuisplein, Mijdrecht, Holland.

Oegstgeest, march 1                                        A peace lover


A reference to the myth we find in the opéra-bouffon by Jacques Offenbach, Orpheus aux Enfers, libretto Hector Crémieux and Lovic Halvéy. In the Rondeau des Metamorphoses, the last strophe:                                                                                                                                       

Europe's birthsign was a Taurus
Of woman's wisdom she was full
Your come-on line was "please adore us"  
But  she said "that's a load of bull".

Antwerp, 16 March 2007               website holder 


Jan van Londerseel, 1582-1624, born in Bruges (others say born in Antwerp 1570-75).              As an engraver he worked in Amsterdam, Delft and Rotterdam. Engravings from his hand are still being sold.


Her friends appear to see Europa's ride with full confidence. The landscape looks like a romanticized Dutch riverside.

Brussels, 2 april, 2007                                      Brussels Artfair


The Japanese digital painter Kagaya was born in Saitama, Japan in 1968. He followed the Designer School of Graphic Designs of Tokio in 1988.He paints mostly directly on computer. His interest in the Greek myth really is only secondary. His real interest lies in the Celestial bodies and their representations. Images of the Zodiac are an important part of his work. His work is by some described as Hyper Realism. Like the constellation Taurus


The composition is interesting not only because Europa appears together with bull-Zeus, but also the real Taurus constellation has been placed on the image with the starclusters of the Pleïades and the Hyades clearly visible.

Wouw, 10 May, 2007                                                 Stargazer


The new Dutch costfree information periodical "Perron E" features articles on Europe and its member states. In the first issue of May 2007 the fifty year European Community-Union was memorized. Tom Janssen, cartoonist ot the daily "Trouw" captured the present state of the Union in an unique way.


After fifty difficult but succesful years did Europe come to an abrupt halt? (French/Dutch negative referenda). Or Is Europa nervously but keenly waiting to start the next stretch of fifty years?

Perron E, Postbus 11009, 1001 GA Amsterdam

June 6, 2007;   info@ perrone.nl