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The well known, present day, modernist painter Alonso Santiago made  beautiful impressionistic painting of 'Zeus and Europe




Madrid, july, 2004                                             PicassoMio.com


Modern stained glass mosaics, an artexpression we found on the West coast of the USA. The artist Victor Jorgensen. His mosaics are of hand-cut opalized stained glass ,mixed with silvercoat,iridized dichroic, gold-leaf. So far he made two representations of the European symbol, Europe and bull Zeus


This mosaic is a free interpretation of

the painting of the Russian V.A.Serov of 1910                                                08_02






Below an own interpretation in a more traditional style.The bull is after wellknown Minoan mosaics.


Sebastipol, California, 19 august 2004                                  www.themosaicmaker.com.


In 'Comments 2003' Hilde Somers  showed pictures of  the Europe statuette in bronze by Erik Poot. she remarked that the artist was working at a live-size statue. Eric Poot finished this statue at his 80est birthyear, 2004. Presently, it is shown in the Hanssen Park of Vilvoorde (near Brussels) up to the 10th of October 2004.



Brussels, 25-08-04                                               An admirer of Eric Poot


Under "Comments 1st half 2004" it is mentioned that the collage of  Kassianidou would be shown in Athens for the Olympic Games. His work was shown on the Eptahalkou street next to the Thision trainstation.

The following photo is a representation of his work on the Europe and Zeus myth at the OPENASIA exhibition at the Lido of Venice.


For comments see under "Comments 1st half 2004"              Venice, september 2004


            The Italian painter and sculptor Bruno Bruni, was born in Gradara close to Rhimini in1935. He followed his art education in Italy, London and Hamburg. Since over 40 years he lives in Hamburg. He found international recognition and had exhibitions in all the world's art  capitals.      His modern-classic Europa and the Bull is of a sensual beauty;


   08_06      .

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  The bronze is patinated and partly polished.It is 51 cm long and 27 cm high. There are 290 copies signed and numbered 

Hamburg,                                                                        Liesl Hartmund, October 2004


The Europe symbol on a Chinese teapot is rather surprising.                                                             At the end of the 17th century, Lambert van Eenhoorn designed and decorated for "De Metaale Pot workshop, 1670-1775, of Delft a Chinese, Blueware styled coffeepot with on the upper side an image of Europe on the bull with characteristicly her chiton blowing in the wind over her head.         The Dutch East Indies Company, V.O.C., used it as an example for its Chinese export porcelain for the European market


08_07                                                                            08_08

Lambert van Eenhoorn voor de Metale Pot,1670-1775 Delft. A.o.at the Amsterdam Rijksmuseum , Musea: Victoria & Albert,  London and  Boymans van Beuningen,R'dam.      

 Second picture: made in China, Qing Dynasty, Kangxi, 1662-1722 ordered by the V.O.C.(Dutch East Indian Co.)


London, 14-11-04                                                         JorgeWelsh                                         --------------------------------------


The oldest known French translation of Ovidius is from Lyon in 1557  by Jean the Tournes with engravings of Bernard Salomon.(p.110). However, not documented is a translation of this French edition in Dutch by Guillaume Borlu(i)ut, Flemish jurist, in the same year and also published by Jean de Tournes with the identical wooden based engravings of Bernard Salomon

Poems of Henri de Régnier, Scènes mythologiques, were edited by publisher and illustrator André E. Marty in Paris,  Le Livre,1924. Included is his dialogue between the two mythical bulls of Europa and Pasiphaë, accompanied by a small etch of Europa with the bull from his hand

Brussel, 15-12-04                                                                         auction Henri Godts