In our day and age it is no longer customary to abduct women and certainly not by a bull. In Ancient Greece with its numerous adventures of Gods and men with goddesses and women customs were definitely more frivolous.

Maiden Europe is abducted or is eloping with Zeus in the form of a bull. He swims her over the sea to Crete, where he gives her three sons Minos, Radamanthys and Sarpedon.This basic form of a Greek myth is found in fragments of Hesiod (7th century BC) and is referred to by Homer (8th century BC) in the Iliad. The myth most probably originated in the period of the Greek-Dorian conquest of Crete (about 12th century BC). In this way the Dorians could incorporate the autochtonous Cretan heroes in the realm of their own Greek gods and heroes. Later grammarians and poets located Europe as princess in Phoenix and bestowed her with Asian brothers and a Egyptian lineage.

- In what regions does the name Europe frequently occur?

- In what time period we find mortals and immortals carrying the name Europe?

- Zeus paired with many goddesses and women; was Europe a mortal or originally a goddess?